samedi 6 août 2011

Well not a netbook ... but

Well I know this is not a netbook but it sounds promising, it's a bit like the peek, its a small portable device 7 inch wide that run under Android 2.1 :

The Binatone :

It won't have a touchscreen but it will have QWERTY keyboard and a battery lifetime of over 6 hours and it could fit in your pocket !

It should cost around 150 €. Do you like it ?

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  1. Hmm...This is an odd but interesting little device :D

  2. Not sure which niche devices like this are supposed to fill. for its size you could just have a laptop with a more robust OS right?

  3. looks like it could be a nifty little gadget... not sure if it will ever be a desktop replacement though. looks more like a gaming device. +1 follower

  4. I would like it if I could do everything that I can on my laptop on the little device.

  5. Well it's not really powerful, but it can be convenient !

  6. It's totally worth it lol.
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